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Mutants and #BlackLivesMatter

I apologize for not posting much lately. Between work, independent projects (that I’ll post more about when they’re closer to being finished), and recent events, I’ve been rather busy. Beyond that, so much has happened that when I tried writing last week about current issues, I didn’t know where to start. I live in Baton… Continue reading Mutants and #BlackLivesMatter

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Mental Health: Tony Stark and Me

SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War I’ve spent all month trying to figure out how to write something for Mental Health Awareness Month, and what to focus on specifically. Too often, those with mental illness are seen as antagonists, as villains in comic books (or the entirety of Gotham City). Nearly every bad guy or… Continue reading Mental Health: Tony Stark and Me


Eight Delightfully Queer Webcomics

I’ve made a pact with myself that for the next year, I’m reading exclusively independent comic content. Partially due to finances, but mostly due to frustration with major players, I’ve found several wonderful wecomics to fill my time. Here’s a list of my favorite ones starring LGBTQIA+ characters.     Always Human- I binged this… Continue reading Eight Delightfully Queer Webcomics

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Lessons to be Learned from Harry Potter

10. Cho Chang taught me that sometimes there’s a good reason to cry. This character gets so much grief from fans for crying all the time, but think about it. Her boyfriend was killed, the person who was with Cedric in his last moments was more focused on kissing Cho than helping her grieve, and… Continue reading Lessons to be Learned from Harry Potter

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Top Eight Lesbian Couples in Comics 

8.) Mal and Molly, Lumberjanes  Ah, young love. Mal is the cautious voice of reason, Molly is the self concious archer. The two of them together cause squees of excitement and cuteness, and nostalgia of first love.     7.) Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy  I have a head cannon that the song “Jenny” by… Continue reading Top Eight Lesbian Couples in Comics 

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Trans Visibility Day!

Disclaimer: I am a cisgender individual! I’m spotlighting Trans characters in comic books today in honor of Trans Visibility Day, but if my language is problematic or do not live up to my position as Ally, please comment or message me. Constructive criticism is wonderful! I wanted to showcase some of the best written Trans… Continue reading Trans Visibility Day!

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Make It Go Away: The Killing Joke Retcon

WARNING: Spoilers TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault, sexual violence My sister asked me the other day what the most influential moments of my life have been thus far. I told her the positive ones; the days my siblings came into my life, the day I first watched an episode of Teen Titans, the day I was… Continue reading Make It Go Away: The Killing Joke Retcon

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The Bird’s Got Pipes: Black Canary EP

I don’t normally review music, but this is a special case. Black Canary, the DC Comics superhero, has a legendary voice. Her sonic scream can break glass, disrupt technology, and burst eardrums. The more recent development seems to be that, when she’s not screaming, Black Canary can really sing. In DC’s Bombshell’s, Dinah is a… Continue reading The Bird’s Got Pipes: Black Canary EP