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LGBTQ+ Erasure, in History and Media

This post is inspired by a Tumblr post that has been floating around the internet, regarding Leonardo de Vinci’s status as a gay or bisexual man.  The post asks: Why were we not taught this in school? I’ve had conversations with some people about it, and for the most part the response has been, does it… Continue reading LGBTQ+ Erasure, in History and Media

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Insidious Memories in Batgirl #47

  Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) has something other Bat Family members do not: a super power. Her eidetic or photographic memory can recall anything she’s ever seen in perfect detail. From details of a cartoon from her childhood or a piece of code caught in a fleeting glance, she can remember everything. This super memory is… Continue reading Insidious Memories in Batgirl #47

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Wizard World New Orleans 2016

Last Friday and Saturday, I attended Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans! It was great to see my friends with the 501st and Krewe du Who, along with my cosplaying friends. This year was all about the vendors, in my opinion. There weren’t as many panels as years past, and unless you wanted to shell… Continue reading Wizard World New Orleans 2016

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New Romancer is Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Read

In my real life, bad boy types are swiftly denied. In fiction and history, I can’t get enough. At the top of the list is Lord Byron, the mad poet who reached rock star like levels of fame in his lifetime. His way with words (and bisexuality) helped him sleep with nearly every lord and… Continue reading New Romancer is Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Read

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Worlds Beyond Our Own: Saying Goodbye to Our Icons

It’s 1:30am, 1/11/2016, and Twitter has just informed me that David Bowie has died after a long battle with cancer. I will admit, I grew to love Bowie very late. Due to my extreme dislike of puppets, I didn’t watch The Labyrinth until I was twenty (a decision I regret because that movie is gold).… Continue reading Worlds Beyond Our Own: Saying Goodbye to Our Icons

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New Comic Series Spotlight: Mystery Girl

  This series has me hooked two issues in, in the way only comics about hard drinking mystery solving women can. A spiritual descendant of Jessica Jones and Veronica Mars, Mystery Girl stars Londoner Trine who never met a mystery she couldn’t solve. Except for the mystery behind why she has these abilities. With dark… Continue reading New Comic Series Spotlight: Mystery Girl


On Adulthood and Writing

(Warning: This post has more to do with my personal life and slightly less to do with comic books. Feel free to skip if you’d prefer to read more relevant posts!) There’s a scene in Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell where Black Canary teases Zatanna about her terrible “I’m an adult” haircut. Panels like that… Continue reading On Adulthood and Writing