DC Comics

The Bird’s Got Pipes: Black Canary EP

I don’t normally review music, but this is a special case. Black Canary, the DC Comics superhero, has a legendary voice. Her sonic scream can break glass, disrupt technology, and burst eardrums. The more recent development seems to be that, when she’s not screaming, Black Canary can really sing. In DC’s Bombshell’s, Dinah is a jazzy club singer. In the New 52 (Pre-Rebirth, dear lord), Dinah is a punk singer with a band, fishnets, and a bad attitude.

When I heard that DC was releasing an EP of the band’s music, I was honestly pretty prepared for a few minutes of screaming set to heavy metal. I mean, her super power is a sonic scream. Instead, we get three songs that are indie sounding, while still packing the bite of punk. It makes you think. The lyrics are broody. The last song The Man With The X-Ray Eyes sounds like is the closest of the three to pop, and even it’s not really all that pop. These three songs make me want to hear more from this fictional band, and it’s great music to read Black Canary by (obviously). Give it a shot! And let me know what you think. Does DC’s “Most Dangerous Band in the World” live up to the hype? Do you think that vocally they picked the right sound for Black Canary? And more importantly, will we get a DC sanctioned music video?



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