LGBTQ+ · Representation in Media

Top Eight Lesbian Couples in Comics 

8.) Mal and Molly, Lumberjanes 

Ah, young love. Mal is the cautious voice of reason, Molly is the self concious archer. The two of them together cause squees of excitement and cuteness, and nostalgia of first love.  


7.) Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy 

I have a head cannon that the song “Jenny” by Studio Killers is about Harley and Ivy. Ivy is the best friend watching her bestie fall for a terrible guy but then one day, Harley realizes her relationship with the Joker is abusive and leaves. Ivy is there for her as a friend to offer support, and now as her poly amorous girlfriend. They each have separate lives and lovers, but they are each other’s first priorities.  


6.)  Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane

Maggie Sawyer is used to being in the lives of extrodinary people. She used to be friends with Superman. But to Kate Kane/Batwoman, Maggie is the real hero. The two fight Nazis at home and abroad in Bombshells and Gotham’s homophobes (and criminals) in Batwoman and related titles.  

5.) Big Barda and Doctor Light  
In most comics, Barda is attached at the hip to her husband Scot Free. In the world of Bombshells, the super strong alien is in love with Japanese scientist Dr. Hoshi.  

3.) Betty and Fayeri 

In a world very similar to Dungeons and Dragons, a smidgen/halfling/hobbit named Betty is a pretty happy camper. Mostly because when she goes on goblin raids, she brings a bag of candy and drugs along. Ultimately her destructive (though adorable) tendencies are what drives Fayeri away. These two are so cute together and I hope Betty grows enough as a person/smidgen to date Fayeri again.  They’re a great example of how LGBTQ+ couples in fantasy can be completely commonplace.  


2.) Princess Bubblegum and Marceline 

It’s possible to be friends with your ex…if you are a Vampire Queen. Or made of candy. These two lovely ladies dated once upon a time ago, as explored in Marcaline: Gone Adrift. They drifted apart; PB had a kingdom to run and Marceline had her music career, but they still care deeply about each other. When Marceline is shot into space by one of the Princess’s inventions (becaus e she’s a scientist, duh), Bubblegum is the first to volunteer to go into space to bring her home.  


1.) Tara and Willow 

This one is cheating, since Tara isn’t *in* the Buffy comics most of the time, technically. But her presence is felt throughout the series, most notably in the way Willow interacts with people and magic (and her addiction to it). Be it slayer or inter-dimensional demon goddess, Willow just can’t seem to date a woman (or inter-dimensional demon goddess) who can hold a candle to her first love (sorry, Oz). Shout out to “I’m under your spell” for being the girl crush song of a generation!   



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