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Mutants and #BlackLivesMatter

I apologize for not posting much lately. Between work, independent projects (that I’ll post more about when they’re closer to being finished), and recent events, I’ve been rather busy. Beyond that, so much has happened that when I tried writing last week about current issues, I didn’t know where to start. I live in Baton… Continue reading Mutants and #BlackLivesMatter

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Trans Visibility Day!

Disclaimer: I am a cisgender individual! I’m spotlighting Trans characters in comic books today in honor of Trans Visibility Day, but if my language is problematic or do not live up to my position as Ally, please comment or message me. Constructive criticism is wonderful! I wanted to showcase some of the best written Trans… Continue reading Trans Visibility Day!

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Make It Go Away: The Killing Joke Retcon

WARNING: Spoilers TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault, sexual violence My sister asked me the other day what the most influential moments of my life have been thus far. I told her the positive ones; the days my siblings came into my life, the day I first watched an episode of Teen Titans, the day I was… Continue reading Make It Go Away: The Killing Joke Retcon

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Worlds Beyond Our Own: Saying Goodbye to Our Icons

It’s 1:30am, 1/11/2016, and Twitter has just informed me that David Bowie has died after a long battle with cancer. I will admit, I grew to love Bowie very late. Due to my extreme dislike of puppets, I didn’t watch The Labyrinth until I was twenty (a decision I regret because that movie is gold).… Continue reading Worlds Beyond Our Own: Saying Goodbye to Our Icons