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Mutants and #BlackLivesMatter

I apologize for not posting much lately. Between work, independent projects (that I’ll post more about when they’re closer to being finished), and recent events, I’ve been rather busy. Beyond that, so much has happened that when I tried writing last week about current issues, I didn’t know where to start. I live in Baton… Continue reading Mutants and #BlackLivesMatter

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Make It Go Away: The Killing Joke Retcon

WARNING: Spoilers TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault, sexual violence My sister asked me the other day what the most influential moments of my life have been thus far. I told her the positive ones; the days my siblings came into my life, the day I first watched an episode of Teen Titans, the day I was… Continue reading Make It Go Away: The Killing Joke Retcon

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The Bird’s Got Pipes: Black Canary EP

I don’t normally review music, but this is a special case. Black Canary, the DC Comics superhero, has a legendary voice. Her sonic scream can break glass, disrupt technology, and burst eardrums. The more recent development seems to be that, when she’s not screaming, Black Canary can really sing. In DC’s Bombshell’s, Dinah is a… Continue reading The Bird’s Got Pipes: Black Canary EP

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DC Comic’s Titles on Netflix

Several DC Animated movies have recently been added to Netflix, so I thought I’d make a list of all currently available DC titles on Netflix! Live action TV, animated shows, and animated movies featuring some of our favorite characters are online for us to binge to our hearts content! Son of Batman (2014) The Flashpoint… Continue reading DC Comic’s Titles on Netflix

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Gotham’s Hardcore Lady Types go to Summer Camp

Hold the phones, readers. Yesterday was a big day for comic book news, made all the more special by it being International Women’s Day. It was announced that the fantastic lady driven Lumberjanes by BOOM! would crossover in a six part mini-series with the wonderful lady driven Gotham Academy. Gone are the days when DC… Continue reading Gotham’s Hardcore Lady Types go to Summer Camp

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The Most WTF Pairings in Comics

Happy Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or Single Awareness Day! If you want a reason to be thankful for your partner, or less bad about whoever you’ve roped into last minute plans, I present to you a list of the most “they dated who?!” couples in comic book history. Due to sanity and time constraints, I… Continue reading The Most WTF Pairings in Comics

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Insidious Memories in Batgirl #47

  Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) has something other Bat Family members do not: a super power. Her eidetic or photographic memory can recall anything she’s ever seen in perfect detail. From details of a cartoon from her childhood or a piece of code caught in a fleeting glance, she can remember everything. This super memory is… Continue reading Insidious Memories in Batgirl #47