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Mental Health: Tony Stark and Me

SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War I’ve spent all month trying to figure out how to write something for Mental Health Awareness Month, and what to focus on specifically. Too often, those with mental illness are seen as antagonists, as villains in comic books (or the entirety of Gotham City). Nearly every bad guy or… Continue reading Mental Health: Tony Stark and Me

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DC Comic’s Titles on Netflix

Several DC Animated movies have recently been added to Netflix, so I thought I’d make a list of all currently available DC titles on Netflix! Live action TV, animated shows, and animated movies featuring some of our favorite characters are online for us to binge to our hearts content! Son of Batman (2014) The Flashpoint… Continue reading DC Comic’s Titles on Netflix

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The 5th Wave: Only the Hot Survive

Last night, I went with a good friend to see the movie The 5th Wave. Neither of us had read the book, but I’d heard about the book through the class I’m taking; Creative Writing in Young Adult Fiction. According to the class, what makes a great young adult novel is flawed, realistic characters, a… Continue reading The 5th Wave: Only the Hot Survive